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When you want to really stand out from the competition on the internet, what do you do? Compex tactics for marketing are being posted across the web, but the answer is much simpler than that. You can get ahead of other brands by solidifying yours, using corporate video marketing.

Visual content provides you with a platform for quickly conveying a message that your audience remembers. Moving images catch their attention, and animation in particular, with its colors and unique style, give them a reason to keep watching. Not to mention how great it is for branding: videos give you a certain motif that customers will come to associate with your company.

The Benefits Of a Business Video For Marketing

Branding is a tricky business with so many companies fighting for visibility. Your audience is also much larger, and they have a tendency to skim the details. You have to catch their eye, and doing that means giving them something to focus on.

A corporate video catches the eye. Being highly visual and more likely to respond to images, a video keeps the viewer’s attention. It provides a platform to present a longer, more detailed message than a photo or a gif. You can convey any brand mission statement, bringing your ideas to life in a unique, creative way that stays with the person watching. Whether that video is an ad, an amusing clip, a tutorial, or anything else.

Videos set a tone for your brand that will match the image you have been trying to convey in your other marketing materials. If your tone is goofy, a video can be goofy. If it is serious, it can be intense. Want a heartwarming, tearjerking response that connect with your audience on an emotional level? Corporate animated videos are perfect for that purpose.

Social media is made for videos, as well. The nature of social platforms have expanded to include varied features and strengths across each site. So on the visual end you have YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, ect. For engagement and connecting with influencers there is Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. For content discovery there is Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. The list goes on, and videos are the perfect content to publish on all of them.

Since social media is about sharing, you are potentially expanding your audience every time you post a business video to your accounts. With the right content and audience, and the right studio to help you show off your vision, you may even end up with a viral video.

Why Hire Wide Wings Animation For Your Corporate Video?

You want a team of experts in your corner, making your vision come to life. Wide Wings Animation is dedicated to making that happen, creatively presenting a message that really connect with your target audience.

With a unique style that has made them a popular studio for corporate videos, their animation goes beyond the cookie cutter advertisements and marketing spiels presented in one-size-fits-all packages. Wide Wings Animation will customize and personalize a video that is perfectly tailors to fit the tone of your brand. Your input will be used to bring your idea from your imagination to the screen.

Breakthrough Online With Visual Branding

If you have been wanting to add a new dimension to your branding, a corporate video animation is the perfect way to do it. Unique, creative, visually stimulating and memorable, it sends a message that really sticks. All while keeping you apart from competitors, big and small, who may be poaching the attention your business rightly deserves.

Let Wide Wings Animation make you the perfect business video to meet your needs.

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