Explainer Videos

Exactly what can an explainer video do for your brand? According to experts, having a video clip on your homepage can increase your conversions by up to 200%. Unsurprisingly, this statistic is causing many companies to begin creating video content for their brand pages, social media profiles, and to promote their products and services on partner sites.

When it comes to the different formats, explainer videos often come out on top.

How An Explainer Video Can Change Your Branding Strategy

The first question you may have is: what is an explainer video? This style of clip is a short (2 - 3 minutes long, usually) video that is posted to inform and entertain the viewer. When companies use these videos, they are working to express the message of their brand in a visual way that really conveys the tone of their product.

Audiences reach well to videos because human beings are very visual in nature. They absorb more images per second than text by a wide margin. Images also have the ability to evoke emotions in a visceral way that words alone can’t. When you add these two factors together, it explains why video marketing in particular can be so powerful. Whether that is for the purpose of audience engagement, relationship building, promotion, or education.

Keep in mind that this form of branding goes beyond Facebook and Twitter. Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and more are waiting for you. Videos give you a new avenue for presenting your ideas, and giving your company’s mission statement.

Then you have the pure tutorial purpose of an explainer video. Let’s say you have created a dashboard that gives your customers a number of features that they will have to learn to use. No one wants to go through the FAQ of a website and figure out each step, one by one. With a video clip, you can show off each feature and how to properly use it.

There is no doubt that having a successful explainer video can be an important feather in a brand’s cap. Being able to share it across multiple sites, host the original source on a home or about page, and attract multiple audiences sweetens the deal. Having a well made, professional video can be a gamechanger for any business on the rise.

Wide Wings Animation For The Best Animated Explainer Videos

While a live action video can be valuable, a animated explainer videos have benefits all their own. You have greater creative license, as you can express any thought visually with a drawing. Unlike live action video clips, cartoons are not bound by reality. Your characters can do anything, be anyone, or no one at all. Best of all, animations are far more budget friendly...you don’t have to worry about special effects.

At Wide Wings Animation, your vision can come to life just the way you imagine it. Our studio is experienced in providing fun, informative, beautiful animations meant to express your brand’s tone, mission and perks to an audience that will want to see it.

Make Your Marketing Pop With Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a surefire way to take your marketing to the next level. Whether you want to show how a product or service is used, explain the purpose behind your company, reach your audience on an emotional level, or just connect with your customer base in a way they are sure to remember, this is the way to do it.

Bring your brand to the people who will want to be a part of it. Try an explainer video to market your company the right way.

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