Hey Guys, Martynas from Wide Wings Animation here. As we all remember this summer was not an ordinary one, 31 Summer Olympic games took place in Rio. And even I, a person that is totally not into sports, got used to the Brazilian Rio Olympics fever.
Olympic games and all of the ruckus behind it made and impact on my free time, that I usually spend on perfecting my illustrating and animating skills. Subconsciously i started drawing what I hear and see during the day – events connected with the summer Olympics. But from all of the Olympic sport events my mind chose the spear throwing, it may sound silly, but spear reminded me of my kind of inventory – a pencil.
So a few evenings later, a spear thrower who surpassed all expectations was born. You may believe it or not, but he was born on the same day when the actual Olympic event took place in the games schedule. Maybe he knew when was the best time for him to reveal himself to the world.
For this free time project I chose to strengthen my frame by frame animating skills, I really love this animation style. And you know what they say, If you love what you do you will always succeed. As I shared the spear thrower gif on social media, it was quickly noticed and appreciated by Fubiz - One of the largest online publications that delivers latest news about art, design & pop-culture. And that was the story about a spear thrower, who flew across the world.

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