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Captivate Your Audience With a Promo Video

Digital media has become the standard for business engagement in the modern age. While this is a boon for companies that want to create a visual foundation for their brand, it can be difficult to know how to get started. After all, videos are everywhere online, from YouTube, to Vimeo, to Vine. How can you make sure yours stands out?

What you need is a professionally made promotional video from a studio that really knows their stuff.

A Promotional Video Is Your Ace In The Hole

Human beings are highly visual creatures. We process visual stimuli faster, and remember it longer, than any other form of communication transfer. Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text, and our brains are primed to pay attention to moving pictures in particular.

A good promo video is worth every second of time, money and effort. While other forms of digital media, such as images and infographics, are effective, they don’t have the same branding power of a video. Stationary images, however creatively presented, are limited in scope and message. You are presenting a single concept in an image, but in a promotional video you are giving an entire speech. One that stays with the viewer, ingraining itself in their mind.

They are also versatile, and can be hosted on multiple platforms. Upload it to video hosting sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Embed the clip on your company blog, or provide it with guests posts on other blogs promoting your company. Link it on content aggregation sites like Reddit and Digg, or discovery tools like StumbleUpon. Submit it with pitches to media sources that you expect to pick up press releases and news about your business.

Once you have put your video out on the web, you can begin to socially target viewers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn...the number of social media sites now available are staggering. Each present a unique audience that you can engage with, and each have their individual strengths. One thing that all social networks have in common, however, is that visual media is some of the strongest content you can publish. A promo video is perfect for social marketing and branding.

Why Wide Wings Animation?

Wide Wings Animation is a studio of experienced, talented animators with a unique creative style. They have worked with clients over the past several years to provide high quality, customized content tailored to fit the challenges and needs to each individual brand. The artists at Wide Wings Animation know the value of promotional videos, and how they can be used as a launching point for any company on the web, and beyond.

They will work with you to come up with a beautiful, engaging video that best represents your brand, and makes you really stand out from the competition in your industry. All based around a budget that you can afford. Your audience is sure to take notice.

Introduce Your Brand The Right Way

Nothing can provide your brand with the same level of visibility and engagement as a well made, customized promotional video. But you want a video with a style that really sets your company apart from the other content on the web, and sticks in your audience’s mind in the long term.

Wide Wings Animation can provide the personalized promo video of your dreams. Their animators will work with you every step of the way to present your message the way you want, in a format that catches the interest of the online community at large.

Introduce your brand the right way with an animated promotional video from Wide Wings Animation.

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