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When you run a startup you have limited resources at your disposal. Every move you make, every dollar spent, has to be carefully planned. With a limited budget, and with the internet being cluttered with new startups being launched daily, the most difficult part is just being seen by your audience.

Getting creative is your best bet at visibility. That doesn’t just mean for your customers, but for angel investors and capital funders that you hope may back your new business. How do you make sure the people you want to know about your idea see you? Startup videos are a great way to start.

The Benefits Of a Startup Video For Marketing and Pitching

You have two primary ways to use startup videos. The first is using it to pitch your idea to people who may potentially back it. Having a well made, professional video that presents the idea behind your startup in a creative and engaging way can take you far. Potential investors will be able to see your mission statement, and the value of your business, in a way that is easy to digest.

They will also see your foray into startup video production as proof that you are serious about your business. Investors often look for proof of your dedication in how you have built your company or product on your own. Startup videos are perfect for showing off your own skills as a founder.

Another way that startup videos are beneficial is to your potential customers. Lead generation in the world of social media is the easy part. Conversions are hard. Experts have found that web pages with videos have a 20% greater conversion rate, on average. Which shows the way customers react to videos that explain the point of products, and show them in use.

Emotional connections are easier to make with videos. When you click with a customer on a level beyond basic interest, they will be more willing to try your product. From there it is about building brand loyalty, but you need that first step. Startup video production is your ticket to begin that journey.

Once you have made your startup videos, you can post them on social networks, content aggregation sites, video hosting sites, and discovery platforms. You will be amazed at how quickly visual content spreads online.

Wide Wings Animation: Experts In Startup Video Production

In order for a startup video to be successful, it has to be made professionally, and creatively. Wide Wings Animation are experts in beautiful, engaging, informative video shorts. With a unique storytelling and animation style, they can take your imagination’s best ideas and bring them to life, right on the screen.

Their price is competitive, and by its nature animation is budget friendly alternative to more expensive life action videos. It also gives you and the studio more license for the incredible, presenting images that would be impossible without special effects and expensive tools. Animation is the perfect option for startups, bootstrapped or funded.

Make Your Startup Stand Out With Visual Marketing

Your startup needs promotion that is going to push it ahead of the crowd. If you want real visibility, both for your customer base and potential investors, startup videos are a great way to get it. Affordable, creative, beautiful and informative, they will help you to solidify the tone of your new brand.

Don’t waste your time on less effective marketing tactics that may or may not attract the right audience. Startup video production has everything you need to reach the people you want to reach, for a price you can afford.

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